FREE Transportation Service

El Cid Resorts is offering FREE transportation (One way Only) from the local International airport to our resorts located in Mazatlan. To receive this benefit please register the following information at least 48 hours before your scheduled arrival date.

Travel Information
Contact Information

Pre-registration will significantly streamline the check in process, therefore it is important that you fill out the following information:

Important Notice

In order for El Cid Resorts to arrange and confirm your transportation, it is mandatory you register with complete information at least 48 hours prior to your arrival. Unfortunately, with shorter notice we are unable to provide you with this complimentary service.

In an effort to provide you and your guests with the best service possible, we kindly request that after you have collected your baggage you proceed as PROMPTLY as possible to the passenger receiving area where you will find a uniformed El Cid Transportation Representative waiting for you.

By mexican law any guest not pre-registred cannot be provided the free transportation from the airport nor can it be substituted for return transportation to the airport or for any other service.